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Wine Chateau Gift Card

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A Wine Chateau Gift Card is the perfect gift for any occasion!

Let your recipient choose from thousands of wines and spirits with a Wine Chateau Gift Card.

Let them choose! With a Wine Chateau Gift Card they can select from an unparalleled assortment of excellent wines. They'll enjoy discovering new wines or finding their favorite spirit. Whether they are a fan of small family vineyards or prefer wines from the most renowned wineries around the world they are certain to find something they'll love. A perfect way to guarantee good gifting!

We'll email you our e-gift card (email only). Our email allows for a fast and special gift even last minute! We’ll include the dollar amount and the gift card number. Once you receive the email, you have the option to forward that to your recipient.

Gift cards are not redeemable for cash or in our physical stores. Only one gift card may be redeemed per purchase. When placing an order using a gift card, please note that complete credit card information will still be required, even if the gift card covers the full amount of the order. As long as the value of the gift card exceeds the price of the product purchased, no charge will be made to the credit card. Discounts do not apply to gift cards. Unused balances of gift cards are automatically credited to your account.

For larger denominations, please contact our customer service department directly at 800.946.3190.


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