Australian Still Wine

France, Italy and California in the U.S. are famous for their wines, but don't forget about Australia. The country is high on the list of the largest exporters of wine and quite successful at it. Winemaking contributes to their economy and has left its mark on cultivation and production processes. Buy Australian wine online at Wine Chateau to taste the many varieties and styles coming from down under.


Although there are growing regions throughout the country, the most significant production is from the south where the cooler climate and coasts are ideal for vineyards. Indeed, the south is responsible for most of the country's production and premium wines.

None of the grapes grown in Australia are native to the country, but winemakers have managed to produce a wide range of varieties and styles from highly drinkable wines to valuable aged bottles. They are best known for Shiraz and contribute red and whites, including Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and more. Shop online for sales on Australian wine by the bottle or the case.

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