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Dessert wine is characterized by its sweetness whether it's a result of the grapes used to produce the wine or more sugar is added. When it comes to dessert wine, the scale does not exactly range from sweet to dry. The spectrum is more like sweet to extra sweet. Varieties include white and red options, including sparkling, rich sweetness, fortified wines and lightly sweet selections. A glass of this treat – and we recommend a smaller glass to start – can be its own dessert or compliment one of your favorite desserts. Either way, your sweet tooth is going home happy. Characterized by its sweetness and fruity flavors, try pairing a dessert wine with a fruit tart for more dimension, or with bakery sweets to balance the sweet with buttery flavors. If you're getting wild with sweet desserts rich in chocolate and toffee, pair it with a less sweet red dessert wine or a nice port to balance out the sweetness. A good rule of thumb is to choose a wine that is sweeter than the food with which it is served.

Our selection of dessert wines offers a wide price range to accommodate any discerning palate or budget. Pick up a sweet Moscato, a nutty port or an indulgent ice wine by the bottle, the case or the box. Box wines get a bad rap, but there is no need to be afraid of them. Buy box wine online for delicious varieties at incredible savings. You can get nuanced wine delivered to your doorstep. Trust us – the cork only slows you down anyway. Buy Cosentino wine, Fonseca, Tomasello or any other of your favorite brands online at Wine Chateau.

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