Syrah / Shiraz

Syrah, also known as Shiraz, is the darkest and boldest of the red wines. It is darker than the Cabernet Sauvignon but lighter on the tannins with a medium to full body. Syrah can be tart and fruity with deep berry notes as well as spicier with anise, black pepper, and earthy tones. Despite the complexity of this red wine variety, don't be intimidated. It has a bold start with a softer finish to prevent it from being too overpowering. For the best Syrah, look for something with a bit of age to it. You're not the only thing around here that gets better with age.


Get ready for a bit of a gastronomic adventure to pair with your Syrah. This tart, bold and sometimes jammy wine pairs well with smoked meats, lamb, beef and salty cheeses. Buy Syrah online by the case as an excuse to have everyone over for a classy twist on a delicious cookout.

Fire up the grill and get ready for company. Forgo the craft beer for a bottle of Syrah. Your guests will love what you have on the menu when mixing Syrah with grilled goodies. Throw on burgers, barbeque and roasted vegetables to bring out every aspect of the wine's profile. Everyone will be pleasantly surprised this full-bodied red wine can hold its own against a meaty burger. The red meat and delicious juices may clog your arteries, but red wine has the good kind of cholesterol to protect your arteries against damage. Forget about your worries and your arteries! Grab a burger with crumbled bleu cheese in one hand and a bottle of Syrah in the other.

Make sure you invite your neighbors! They'll be able to smell the grill anyway, so get ready to make friends. Syrah is available by the bottle or by the case with many options eligible for free shipping.