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As with any other whiskey, straight whiskey is made from any grain mash. The terms of its classification come from other aspects of its production and some restrictions on its treatment. Straight whiskey must be aged in new oak barrels for a minimum of two years. The aging process allows the spirit to take on the flavor characteristics of the wood. Further, the whiskey can be diluted with water to lower the alcohol concentration, but no caramel coloring can be added, as is the practice with many other varieties. These restrictions mean the whiskey is coming essentially straight from the barrel, thus the name.

Producers of straight whiskey take the practice seriously. There is a limit on the concentration of alcohol by volume, a result of the belief that a higher ABV detracts from the flavors of the original grain used to create the whiskey. Straight whiskey can be mixed from different barrels or even different distilleries as long as they are from the same grain type.

Common types of this spirit include bourbon, malt, rye, corn and wheat and can be produced anywhere around the world. Browse our selection of straight whiskey online at Wine Chateau.

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