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Many drinkers know sake as a Japanese drink served around the hibachi table, but there is more behind the beverage than one may realize. Just as wine is made with a select type of grape from a specific growing region, sake is made with a special kind of rice that undergoes a milling process to produce just the right flavor. Created through a process more like brewing beer, the rice is converted to starch, then to sugar and finally to alcohol. If you're new to sake, proceed with caution. Its water-like appearance may look harmless enough, but the process yields an ABV of 15-20 percent. That's higher than beer and wine, so know that this drink doesn't mess around.

As a result of processing and regions, each sake has layers and a profile all its own. Much like wine, different sake profiles include elements such as fragrance, acidity, savoriness, sweetness and other measures of complexity. We know you're excited to get a taste, but take in the aroma and full flavor of the sake before fully indulging. You may notice flavor notes that will complement cuisine from the region, including green tea, pine, celery, ginger and other earthy, spicy or herbal notes.

Serve it chilled, at room temperature or warmed up. There's no wrong way to drink sake – just the way we like it. Have it chilled on a warm summer night or heat it up for a nip in the winter. However you prefer it, drink it any way you like.

Still curious about sake but not ready to take the full plunge? Opt for flavored sake. It will provide a nice introduction to the beverage with delicious flavors including coconut lemongrass, Fuji apple, raspberry, Asian pear and more. If you're ready for a traditional sake, choose from organic and classic variations from reputable Japanese and American brewers. Shop our selection, and buy sake online for less at Wine Chateau.

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