Having a wide variety rivaling that of wine, it can be difficult to determine which whiskey is best in terms of flavor or in terms of application. Blended whiskey complicates matters further with the blending of at least two different types of whiskey. Browse through our categories at Wine Chateau to buy blended whiskey online. Our search options are there to help you make the best selection for your purposes.


Blended whiskey is a mix of at least two different types of whiskey based on grains, flavors and coloring. It is usually a blend of a higher quality straight or single malt whiskey with less expensive spirits. The higher whiskey is what gives this variety its flavor. Some refer to it as whiskey flavored neutral spirits, but there are both low end and premium blends to choose from.

This style is less aged and does not have to meet a certain set of requirements true for other styles. Its higher proof and flavoring makes it a good choice for mixed drinks but may not be ideal for our connoisseurs out there who like to drink it neat. Visit Wine Chateau to find your favorite brands, including Jameson, Seagram's Seven, Johnnie Walker and more.

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